The water is one of the most amazing creations of nature. It is the spring of life and power. It is a treasure that gives health and beauty. It maintains the well-being and the energy, it cares for the good mood and gives us its vitality, freshness and grace.

Welcome to the AQUA Area – the kingdom of water. If you want to unload the fatigue, stress and tension or just to have fun, this is the right place to be, where you will find countless opportunities for sport, relaxation, beaching, water emotions and fun.

You have at your disposal indoor and outdoor pools with various sizes and water temperatures, a 25 m long swimming pool, a warm mineral water pool, an outdoor Finish sauna, a jacuzzi, relaxation area and beaching area around the
outdoor pools.

Outdoor pool: T 34 – 36°C,  D 1.3 m
Indoor pool: T 30 – 32°C,  D 1.3 m
Swimming outdoor pool:  T 30 – 32°C,  D 1,4 – 2,0 m
Outdoor thermal pool: T 36°C,  D 1,3 m