Organic seaweed body rituals at AQUAHOUSE Thermal & Beach


Ancient Irish belief tells: “Once upon a time a group of brave Irish sailors fought bravely in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Unfortunately, one day one of them had badly injured. Harnessing efforts to help their faithful companion, the sailors discovered a miraculous cure – the seaweed. And behold, not long after their friend fought and survived, the healing properties of algae had became a traditional method of treatment and body recovery. ”

In 2000, the Walton family decided to continue the tradition and led algae treatment to another level, creating VOYA – the world’s first certified line of cosmetic products based entirely on organic seaweed. It has preserved the traditional method of collecting –  the seaweed is selected by eye and harvested by hand by not using any chemistry in processing and keeping, but only a combination of essential oils.

Among the beneficial effects of seaweed, especially popular are those on the skin. Among their main features are the powerful properties of hydration and ion regulation by increasing cellular metabolism. Seaweed wrapping has a powerful relaxing effect, pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory action, re-mineralizes the body, stimulates lymphatic circulation and eliminates toxins. It is suitable for recovery from bone and muscle injuries, rheumatism, edema, skin diseases, weight problems, cellulitis, stress. The seaweed bath provides the body many minerals and microelements that are highly concentrated and easily absorbed through the skin. Seaweed baths are recommended for stimulating metabolism, improving blood circulation and body relaxing. Seaweed rituals are also extremely helpful for those who have sleeping problems as a way to cope with stress and reduce muscle pain.

Organic seaweed bath – 30 min. |  55.00 BGN.

VOYA’s organic seawed bath regenerates and improves the metabolic processes in the body, heals and strengthens the immune system, reduces nervous and muscle tension, extracts toxins, counteracts stress, relaxes, regains good sleep. Therapy is suitable for people suffering from skin irritation, dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis.

Organic ritual with Laminaria seaweed – 90 min.  149.00 BGN.

Laminaria strips are prepared just before the ritual, rehydrated and heated to separate their curative ingredients and a deep moisturizing gel. The combination of organic scrub, Laminaria wrapping and organic oil regenerating massage, stimulates metabolic processes, detoxifies and cleanses the body, reduces pain in muscles, strengthens blood circulation and immune system, has a toning and strengthening action, reduces stress and tension, cleanses the skin, strengthens and hydrates the epidermis.

Anticellulite ritual with Laminaria seaweed – 60 min. | 119.00 BGN.

This ritual deeply hydrates, improves metabolic processes, extracts toxins, smoothes skin, reduces fat deposits and lymph stagnation, counteracts the formation of cellular leaves. It is suitable for enhancing the effect of any weight loss

and silhouette shaping.


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