The area has 4 indoor and outdoor pools equipped with pool sprayers help muscles to relax and relieve the stress.
The therapeutic pool with mineral water with temperature of 38°C is suitable for prophylactic of musculosceleatal system and the peripheral nervous system, for rehabilitation and improvement of orthopedic and traumatological conditions, gynecological and skin issues.
Outdoor pool: T 34-36°C, D 1.3 m
Therapeutic outdoor pool: T 38°C, D 1.45 m
Indoor pool: T 30-32°C, D 1.3 m
Indoor contrast pool: T 10-15°C, D 1.3 m.


temperature of 60°C, humidity 35-40 %, recommended stay 2×15 min.

The infrared sauna works by infrared rays. These rays are warming only the body and do not warm up the surroundings of the room, so the heart is not stressed, thus giving opportunity for people with cardiovascular issues and
hypertension to benefit from it without any worries. The deep penetration of the infrared rays within the skin contributes to its cleaning, softening and shiny look.
The healthy effect of the sauna is enhanced by the beneficial effect of the healing herbs. They have extremely high positive effect over the respiratory system, skin and hair.
The herbal sauna improves the immune system and has positive outcome, when used as a procedure for strengthening of the body.


temperature of 55 °C, humidity 95-100 %, recommended stay 20 min

The steam bath is a room with high humidity and temperature, where steam is spread regularly, combined with various aromas or salts, appropriate for the lungs and the respiratory tract. The use of the steam bath strengthens the immune system, improves the metabolism and muscles elasticity. It relieves symptoms of arthritis, rheumatism, joints pain and muscles stress. It is also suitable after a workout. The steam stimulates the blood flow towards the skin and the pores get open and clean. The dead cells are washed away, the toxins are eliminated and the body feels rested. The steam bath is the ideal method for maintaining a healthy skin.


temperature 80-100°C, humidity 25-30 %, recommended stay 2×10 min

The Finnish sauna is good for revitalizing, improves blood circulation and strengthens the immune system. It is a traditional, effcient and safe method for body detoxication. Due to its high, but bearable warmth
(from 80 to 100 °C), the Finnish sauna increases the body temperature leading to stimulation of the sweat glands, which results in excess sweating.  In such a way, the body discards various toxins and harmful substances. The sauna issued for detoxification, pain relieve, it helps the stress reduction, boosts the mood and also helps loosing unwanted body weight.


temperature of 45°C, humidity 90-95 %, recommended stay 20 min

The effect of the hammam over the body is relaxing, it calms down the nervous system, improves the sleep and the general condition, reduces anxiety and boosts the mood.
The hammam massage effectively cleans the skin, stimulates its regeneration and metabolism, it slows down aging and the olive oil, which is integral part of the procedure, moisturizes and nourishes.
One of the biggest benefits of the Turkish bath is the increase the metabolism and the help in the process of weight loss.

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temperature of 32-36 °C, humidity 30-40 %, recommended stay 20 min

The salt therapy improves health through breathing and exposing of the body to dry aerosols. A therapeutic micro-climate, close to the one in salt caves, pine forests or the sea shore is created in the salt room. The halo-therapy has favorable effects over diseases of the respiratory tract as well as over various skin diseases. The salt therapy is extremely good and recommended for children. It is absolutely safe, non-invasive, without any side consequences and any potential health side effects. A session, with duration of 20 minutes, equals to 2 hours walk in a pine forest.