• The advanced booking is a guarantee that you will receive the desired therapy at a time, which is most convenient for you.
  • In order to fully enjoy the therapy, arrive 10 min before the booked time. In case you are late, the efficiency of the therapy will be reduced. Your therapy should finish in time in order not to violate the experience of the next guest.
  • The start of the therapy is the time of the booking and it ends, when you leave the therapy room. The shower time in the therapy room is included in the duration of the treatment.
  • Cancellation of a SPA booking – sometimes it is required to cancel your booking. We expect you to inform us about the cancellation in a timely manner.
  • The communication with the therapist is important. You can discuss with him/her all the aspects of your program, including light, sound and temperature of the room. If you have any questions, related to the therapy or if you feel discomfort, or if you wish a deeper or softer massage, inform the therapist.
  • Please, let us know, when making a reservation, if you suffer from hypertension, allergies, varicose veins or if you have any other health condition, or if you are pregnant. If you have preferences regarding the gender of the
    therapist, please specify that.


  • The gym must be entered with clean shoes only.
  • Bringing food into the gym is prohibited.
  • Please use a towel when using the equipment to protect leather parts.
  • For any issues regarding the proper use of the equipment please turn to the instructors.
  • Please put all weights and dumbbells back into place when you are finished using them.
  • The fitness center is not allowed for children under age of 13.
  • Aquahouse Thermal & Beach bears no responsibility for any valuables and personal belongings that have not been deposited for safe-keeping.