Classic massage
The classic massage is an excellent prophylactic means for your health. It is very suitable for general rigidity of the body, caused by the sedentary way of life. It removes the accumulated fatigue, accelerates the circulation of the blood, relaxes the muscles and improves the nervous system function.

Whole body – 60 min | 70.00 BGN
Partial – 30 min | 35.00 BGN


Aroma massage
This relaxing massage is a care for your body as well as your emotional condition. The combination of the healing power of the massage and the miraculous characteristics of the aromas, which are absorbed not only through the skin, but also through breathing, soothes the senses subconsciously and spontaneously and has a powerful physical, emotional and psychic influence.

Whole body – 60 min | 80.00 BGN
Partial – 30 min | 40.00 BGN

Healing massage with magnesium oil
With this deep-tissue massage we will help you to free yourself from the discomfort and tension, accumulated in your body. With a local and intensive treatment of the problem zone with a special magnesium gel with Black sea lye and arnica, the pain will be diminished, the circulation of the lymph and blood will be accelerated and the functioning of the entire body will be improved.

45 min | 65.00 BGN

The reflexotherapy, also known as therapy with touch originates in Ancient China, where with pressing or massage stimulation of the feet diseases of the separate organs, glands or body parts are healed or minimized. This method is a marvelous care for improvement of the general condition of the internal organs and the entire body. And maybe the most important thing is, that through reflexology we stimulate the body’s ability for self-healing.

30 min | 50.00 BGN

Sports massage
The sports massage is a special massage technique, developed to help the ones who actively do sports to prepare their bodies before sports activities, to recover after sports overloading and to improve the quality of the training process. A bigger number of percussion approaches are used with it, which have an exciting and stimulating effect on the muscles – they improve the circulation of blood and tone the tissues

50 min | 80.00 BGN
30 min | 50.00 BGN

Relaxing massage
A massage, whose primary aim is to relax the muscles, to assist the relief from the daily pressure and stress.

70 min | 85.00 BGN

Massage Bali
The Bali massage is a muscle relaxing deep massage, through which the circulation of the blood is stimulated, and its enrichment with oxygen. The massage techniques, used for the achievement of this effect are a combination of pressing, soft percussions and stretching. Apart from its function as a therapy, which eliminates the muscle pain, the Bali massage soothes and helps with migraine, insomnia and problems with the breathing, diminishes stress and anxiety. The massage improves the physical and mental health. It is performed with warm herbal pouches.

60 min | 90.00 BGN

Thai massage
The Thai massage is a system, which has been developed since millenniums in Thailand. It is influenced by the yoga system and is a synthesis from the empirical experience and the art of healing of the Thai healers since ancient times. The Thai massage is performed on a special soft rug on the floor. Depending on the needs of recovery, the masseur takes different postures from the yoga-system during the massage procedure. Thus deep static and rhythmic massage movements are performed with pressure. The aim is for the tissues to become soft, elastic and to remove the feeling of pain.

70 min | 99.00 BGN

A therapy, originating from the ancient Indian teaching Ayurveda. Through acupressure the energy balance of the body is restored and the perception of all senses is improved. The list of the useful characteristics is a long one – it accumulates the pressure, improves the memory, diminishes the fatigue of the eyes and the headache, lowers the blood pressure. It is extremely suitable for people with a busy daily round and accumulated stress. The exotic procedure includes a massage of different body parts, as well as a whole body massage.

Massage of the head and the face   – Shiro Abhyanga  50 min | 60.00 BGN
Massage of feet and legs – Pada Abhyanga   45 min | 55.00 BGN
Whole body massage – Ayurveda Shirodara  80 min | 110.00 BGN

Relax massage for Him and for Her
A massage, whose primary aim is to relax the muscles, to assist the relief from the daily pressure and stress. It is performed in a room for two.

70 min | 160.00 BGN



RF body lifting with Body Jet
The radio-frequency lifting is a new non-surgical method for improvement of the skin structure, which is successfully used for facial as well as body therapies. The aim of the radio-frequency is to generate high temperature in the deep layers of the skin (the derma) where the elastin and collagen fibers hold the skin stretched, firm and healthy as a scaffolding.

30 min | 69.00 BGN

RF and vacuum massage of the body with Body Jet
The combination of a radio-frequency and a vacuum massage has a better anti-cellulite influence on the lipid depots and assists the better circulation of the blood and the excretion of the toxins.

40 min | 79.00 BGN

Cavitation with Body Jet
The cavitation is a non-invasive ultrasound method, by which controlled high-frequency waves are used, which create micro-bubbles. They explode as a result of the changes in the pressure, and the lipid cells in the localized zones decompose, turn into a liquid substance (biglycerides), which is excreted in a natural way through the lymphatic and secretory system.

30 min | 69.00 BGN

The pressotherapy is a detoxicating procedure with a device, which through a lymphatic drainage helps the body to get rid of the toxins. It improves the circulation of the blood as well, which leads to a better oxygen saturation of the treated zones, as well as the whole body.

30 min | 32.00 BGN

Anti-cellulite massage
The manual anti-cellulite massage is the most famous and approachable method for cellulite treatment. Through it, the blood supply of the tissues is secured, which assists the burning of the lipids, transports fresh nourishment components and provides for the movement of the lymphatic retentions.

30 min | 49.00 BGN


Remodeling therapy
Remodeling the body in preferred areas with anti-celulite gel, gypsum mask and tighten cream. Therapy has intimidate effect in reducing the fats in the treated areas.

90 min | 150.00 BGN



Antistress therapy with aromatic moor PEVONIA 70 min | 119.00 BGN
mask with aromatic moor, massage with anti-stress oil

Detoxicating therapy Hydromarine  Dr. Spiller 60 min | 85.00 BGN
peeling, mask, lotion with vitamin C

Bulgarian rose therapy Eco Spa 70 min | 79.00 BGN
peeling, massage with gel from roses and honey

Therapy Rahima – Hydration from Africa Dr. Spiller 80 min | 108.00 BGN
bath with milk – shower gel and massage with argan oil

Manaru – Scent from the southern seas Dr. Spiller 80 min | 118.00 BGN
body peeling with washing, massage and finishing care with delicate cream

Magico – Summer Brazilian Whiff Dr. Spiller 80 min | 118.00 BGN
body peeling with a glove and massage of the body, finishing with a hydrating cream

Body mask 30 min | 40.00 BG

  • mask with micronized algae



HAMAM  Turkish bath

Peeling with a pouch

A traditional oriental procedure for cleaning of the body with a special pouch from silk threads. After the warming and the moisturizing of the skin in the Turkish bath, the therapist removes the epidermal dead cells with a silk glove (pouch).

30 min | 60.00 BGN

Foam massage

Cleaning of the body with a natural soap with olive oil and a massage with foam.

30 min | 60.00 BGN

Peeling and foam massage

A combination of peeling with a silk pouch and a gentle massage of the body with foam.

60 min | 110.00 BGN

Sultan massage

Treating the body with peeling, a following foam massage, applying a mask with green clay for face and body, finishing with a ritual for the hair.

70 min | 130.00 BGN

Asise Sultan massage

Treating the body with peeling, a following foam massage, applying a mask with algae for face and body, finishing with a ritual for the hair.

70 min | 130.00 BGN

Jansu massage

Treating the body with peeling, a following foam massage, applying a mask with chocolate for face and body, finishing with a ritual for the hair.

70 min | 130.00 BGN