Wellness at work

The offer is valid Monday-Friday (no official holidays) and can not be combined with other promotional offers


As most people spend a third of their life working, the office massage is a great way of reduce stress and fatigue. We offer 15 minutes chair massages right in your office. This type of massage does not require you to remove any clothing. Massage is done without oils through the clothing and can be performed on a standard office chair at employees working place.

This massage is specifically designed to release muscle tension in the head, neck and shoulders, arms and back within a few minutes.


Office massages have shown to:

  • boost productivity
  • reduce stress and stress-induced illnesses
  • relieve pain
  • decrease anxiety and depression

  • improve quality of sleep

  • lower blood pressure
  • increase focus, energy and mental clarity


  • 20.00 BGN for 1 massage (15 min.) for minimum 4 person booking
  • 15.00 BGN for 1 massage (15 min.) for minimum 6 person booking


* It is necessary to make a pre-booking for your massage session via the phone:  +359 52 812 812 at least 3 days in advance.

For more information and reservations: tel: +359 52 812 812, info@aquahouse.bg